The mission of the Taylor Music Group is to bring together the worlds of “art” music (classical music) and “folk” both in performance and education.

The Taylor Music Group (TMG) is a non-profit umbrella organization hosting sister ensembles Na Fidléirí and the Taylor Festival Choir (TFC). Led by Robert Taylor, DMA, TFC performs the finest choral literature from all eras, with particular emphasis on music of the 20th and 21st centuries, and folk music from the Celtic nations. Na Fidléirí (“the fiddlers” in Irish) is an auditioned group including violinists, pennywhistle, bodhran and guitar and performs primarily folk Irish tunes entirely from memory with traditional accompaniment.

The two ensembles are united by the same core values: TMG believes that the connection between “high art” and “art of the people” is a sacred one that is vital for the continued viability of all art. TMG also believes that the performing arts are inexorably linked to arts education and instruction. With programmatic activities, both performing and educational, TMG brings its mission to life in the Lowcountry and the Nation.

The Taylor Music Group is named after and inspired by the life and career of Bob Taylor (1935-1997). A high school and church choral conductor in Arkansas and Texas for 37 years, Bob Taylor’s ensembles consistently achieved a remarkably high level of artistry-and were awarded for this artistry numerous times, including being named the Arkansas Choral Directors Association Honor Choir in 1967. Assisted by his devoted wife and colleague, Cornelia Taylor, Bob Taylor dedicated his life to teaching music, and imparting his love and passion for art to literally thousands of students. Also an excellent tenor, an author, a fiercely loyal friend, and a loving father and husband, Bob Taylor’s life and career were grounded upon the values of integrity, passion, and compassion. Uniquely adept and passionate about both classical/art and folk music, it is his continuing legacy that serves as the inspiration for the artistic mission of the Taylor Music Group.

Advisory Board

Scott Flaherty

Tara Scott

Brian Galante















Board Members

Robert Taylor – President

Will Royall – Vice President

Christina Demos Wynn– Secretary                                                                                      

Anne O’Neal – Treasurer

Maurice Burgess

Gail Corvette

Tammy Dorociak

Jaimie Flack

Catherine Kinder

Lee Lingle

Ellen Dressler Moryl

Brian Ross

Bart Saylor

Tom Shelton

Baron Wynn

Ex Officio: Valerie Morris